Razertip SSD-10 Burner Starter Package - 240 Volt

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CODE: SSDstarter
SSD-10 Starter Package- 240 Volt

This package contains a range of pens that are the most useful for burning a wide range of subjects. This package contains 8 Items.

  1. SSD-10 Burner Power Base - 240V
  2. F99.015 - 1.5mm Ball Writing Pen
  3. HD14M - Knife Like Skew
  4. HD30M - Spoon Shader
  5. HD Cord x 2
  6. Razertip Nib Cleaner
  7. Instructional DVD - Pyrography Nibs & Their Use.
The SS-D10 is Razertip's workhorse, with many features not found on any other burner. Dual handpiece capability allows you to have 2 pens plugged in at the same time and change between them at the flick of a switch. This is particularly useful if your work calls for frequent handpiece or cord changes. It saves time and wear on the connectors. The SS-D10's extra low-\end temperature adjustment allows you to turn the heat down further if the "1" setting is still too hot. If you are sculpting wax or detailing plastics, you will love the extra range available on the low end of the SS-D10.
  • 10 amp output provides fast tip-heat recovery.
  • C'Tick approved to Australian standards
  • Ideal wide-range temperature control: won’t scorch wood at "1" through to "red-hot" at 10
  • super-flexible adapter cords
  • indexed handpiece indicator lights can help confirm proper pen and cord operation
  • ultra-stable control circuitry for consistent burns even when turned on-and-off-and-on again
  • laser-welding technology
  • 3 years warranty on the power supply and one year on all handpieces including fixed tips. 

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