Razertip SL3 - Starter Burner Package. 240 Volt

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SL3 Starter Package- 240 Volt

This package contains a range of pens that are the most useful for burning a wide range of subjects using the SL3 burner. This package contains 9 Items.

  1. SL3 Burner Power Base - 240V
  2. F99.015 - 1.5mm Ball Writing Pen
  3. HD14M - Knife Like Skew
  4. HD30M - Spoon Shader
  5. HD Cord
  6. HD Cord
  7. HD Cord
  8. Razertip Nib Cleaner
  9. Instructional DVD - Pyrography Nibs & Their Use.

Get the heat you want… Like the SL1 the SL3 combines high heat levels, broad control and safety like no other tool available. The 99 unique dial settings ensure precise output even at higher settings. With its solid design and simple features, the SL3 boasts an unmatched experience. The SL3 accepts all Razertip pens and accessories; with available adapter cords will accept most any make of pen, too.

Caution: Because of the high output of the SL Burner, using Standard Pens at heat settings greater than 60 is not recommended as pen damage may occur. For settings over 60 only use HEAVY DUTY PENS or BPH PENS.

  • Bright LED Digital display
  • 3 pen jack (handpiece) ports – each with unique heat setting adjustment
  • Each port can be dialled to its own individual temperature. The temp for each individual port is stored in memory until you wish to change it. Retains setting when power if off.
  • It can burn much hotter than the SSD is capable. (A far greater temperature range.) Good news for burning on hard Australian woods.
  • C'Tick approved to Australian standards
  • Dial heat control with 99 settings
  • Tip Temperature 77ºF (25ºC) to 1650ºF (900ºC) approx.
  • Retains setting when powered off
  • Exceptional heat recovery
  • Expanded heat range
  • Safety Certified with automatic Shut-off (after 60 minutes)
  • indexed handpiece indicator lights can help confirm proper pen and cord operation
  • Internal thermal overload protection
  • 3 years warranty on the power supply and one year on all handpieces including fixed tips.

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