Woodworking Clubs

Information for members of Woodworking Clubs, Men's Sheds, Woodturning Clubs and Craftworking Clubs.

  • Do you offer a discount to members of these clubs?

We appreciate the word-of-mouth support that these clubs provide and, as a bonus, we offer these clubs a 5% discount on Razertip Products.

To apply your 5% discount please Email Us and provide us with the name of your club and your club membership number. We will reply with a code that you can apply at checkout. This code will discount your total by 5%. Don't forget to spread the word about our great range, prices and service.

  • Are you available to give visit our club and talk about woodburning and show us Razertip pyrography equipment?
Yes, I can do that. Please either email or phone 03 9754 8207 to see what dates are available. 


  • Can you bulk ship orders to a club address or a to a club member to save on shipping?

Absolutely. Put together a list of items your club members want and then email or phone us. (03 9754 8207). We will give you a quote and a shipping cost. We will need one address only to ship to. 

  • Can you send us some business cards to distribute to members?
Contact us and we will mail as many as you want.