Razertip Burners FAQ



Razertip Burners FAQ

  • Q: How many types of burners do you stock?
A: We stock the entire range of Razertip Australian power bases. Click here to view a comparison chart of the Razertip power base range.
  • Q: Are the Razertip burners suitable for the Australian 240V?

A: Unlike other pyrographic imports, all Razertip circuitry has been specifically designed and built to comply with our 240V power supply. All burners also comply to Australian standards and have been approved by Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM).

  • Do other imported burner have this certificate?

A: To my knowledge Razertip is the only imported pyrographic machine to have gained RCM approval. Other imports are designed to operate on a 110V power supply. These manufactures have simply attached an Australian power plug to a power base that is designed to work on 110 volts. These machines behave erratically on our 240V system and can be potentially dangerous.

  • Q: Do the burners have a warranty

A: All of the burner power bases have a 3 year warranty. The pens have a 1 year warranty.

  • Where is Razertip located? 

A: They are based in Canada

  • Q: If I buy a burner that houses multiple pens, can I use more than one pen at the same time?

A: No, you can only heat one pen at a time. A toggle switch will allow you to easily move the power from one pen to another.

  • Q: Can I see a comparison of the Australian Razertip burners you stock.

A: Certainly. Clicking here will take you to a chart, allowing you to compare all of the various features.

  • Q: Is there a burner that will operate smoothly on an inverter?
A: Yes, both the P80 and the P88 have highly specialized circuitry that allow them to be used on any power supply. This makes the P80 range the go to burner for off grid use; be it generator, solar or battery. It's also excellent for areas that have a fluctuating power supply. 
  • Q: Can the P80 and P88 be used anywhere in the world?

They can indeed. The revolutionary circuitry allows them to be used on any kind of power supply - worldwide! All you will need is an adaptor plug to suit the country you are in. 

  • Q: What is the temperature range of the burners?

A: It depends on the burner. The SL burners have the greatest range of between 25ºC to  900ºC. Please see the comparison page to see the range of each burner.

  • Q: Why would I want the temperature to be so low? 

A: Some uses for lower temps include: wax work, lost wax jewellery work, encaustic art, batic work and leather impressing.

  • Q: Why would I want the temperature so hot? 

A: Some materials require a far higher temperature than others. This is especially true of many Australian Timbers. High temperatures are also needed to burn bone and thick paper stock. Higher temps are also useful in the following circumstances: when burning large areas or burning for long periods of time, when burning 'hot' and fast, for using the burner to cut relief and when heavily texturing.

  •  Q: Can I use a burner on an inverter?

A: If you want to burn off grid, the P80 and P88 machines are probably the best machines to use in these situations as the power supply is fully regulated and any fluctuations from the input power should not impact the tip temperature.

  • Q: What is the 'low adjuster' used for on the Razertip SS-D10?

A: Think of the 'low adjuster' as a second heat dial. It is used to change the heat range of the main dial. It allows you to turn the heat down further if the #1 setting is still too hot for the material you are burning on. This is excellent if you are burning leather, sculpting wax or detailing plastic. The adjuster is altered by inserting a small screwdriver in a slot and turning. Turning left cools the dial, turning right makes it hotter.

The low-end adjuster on the SSD-10