Razertip P88 Burner Expansion Module - 240 Volt

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P88 Expansion Module

Note: A Razertip P80 or P88 Power Base unit is needed to use the P88 Expansion Module.

The P88x R-Touch™ expansion module allows you to expand any Razertip® R-Touch base unit to a double or triple burner with the P88x expansion module for unprecedented, convenience and control. You can program and store up to 8 pre-sets on the P88x R-Touch™ expansion module, each with unique descriptions and heat settings in the one touch pre-set memory channels. Also, the P88x has a built-in automatic memory function that allows you to recall the 3 most recently-input heat settings. Each module maintains its own memory and heat settings so you can switch pens quickly and easily without having to re-adjust heat settings. The expansion modules use an "either-or" protocol; it is not possible to power more than one pen at a time. Expansion modules require the use of the P80 or P88 base unit.

Each P88x includes an extra-flex pen cord (#CORD1P) which works beautifully with any Razertip pen or tip. The P88's unique power output means that heavy-duty cords are no longer needed to make a difference when burning with heavier tips.

Supplied with an exra-flex pen cord (#cord1P) and 2 hand piece clips (#sclip).

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