Pyrography Textures #5 - 'Crushed Velvet' & 'Fan Palm'

Pyrography Textures #5. In this video I explore 2 textures, 'Crushed Velvet' and 'Fan Palm'. Crushed Velvet is a beautiful and luxurious texture that is equally beautiful on flat and turned objects. In this video I explain about the technique I use to build up layers to achieve near black with a skew. Fan Palm is not only a pretty pattern on the flat but it is deceptively 3D in appearance on turned objects. In this video I show how to successfully burn tight curves with a skew. These textures are idea for woodturners, gourd artists and decorative pyrography. These textures are all burnt with a skew, knife like tip. They can also be burnt using a solid point burning tip. Please subscribe to my channel so you can be informed of the next newest offering. I find these really relaxing to do...anyone can...that's the beauty of this series....a beginner trough to a expert can burn these and the results look awesome. Enjoy! Sue:) Copyright Sue Walters 2017