Pyrography Textures #4 - 'Tread', 'Flicker' & 'Burst'

Pyrography Textures #4. In this video I explore 3 textures, 'Tread', 'Flicker' and 'Burst'. 'Tread' and 'Burst' are particularly dynamic, heavily textured and very tactile. Wood turners, gourd artists and people wanting to burn on 3D objects will find them really exciting....well, I hope so:) (I've burnt all tree on turned objects to show this effect.) That's not to say all three don't look great for decorating or accenting flat objects as well. Being so heavily textured the light plays off the planes of the patterns and this really makes them come to life. These textures are all burnt with the writing tip. A wire tip or a solid metal tip can be used. I'd suggest using a satin or gloss finish to help the light reflect off the textures. Please subscribe to my channel so you can be informed of the next newest offering. I think I'll look at burning rope for the next one. I find these really relaxing to do...anyone can...that's the beauty of this series....a beginner trough to a expert can burn these and the results look awesome. Enjoy! Sue:)