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Sue Walters Gift Voucher & Presentation Envelope


Online Purchase of a Gift Voucher Using VISA or MASTERCARD

To purchase a voucher with VISA or MasterCard please click the button and email me the following information:

1) Name of the person the voucher is intended for.
2) The amount you would like the voucher to be issued for.
3) The currency you want the voucher to be issued in. (US, Canadian, Australian and UK)

Once we receive this email we will send a reply, directing you to a location to enable you to pay by credit card. For your peace of mind this site is fully encrypted and secure.
Once we receive your payment we will issue you a voucher number. We will also send you a gift certificate to print out so you can present your gift.

The voucher number can be used to purchase goods at in the Pyro Shop. To redeem the voucher the user simply has to click the VISA/MasterCard 'BUY...' button, (in the currency the voucher was issued), next to the selected product. In the page that opens, enter the voucher number below the product/products listed as the goods you wish to purchase, then hit the 'RECALCULATE' button. The voucher amount will then be applied to the sale.

(Please note that the dollar value of your order must equal or be above the voucher value. Please also note that VISA/MasterCard vouchers must be redeemed entirely before checking out. Once the buyer has checked out the voucher number can't be used again. (If the buyer mistakenly check out before spending all of the voucher, please CONTACT ME and I will rectify the situation. You can order more than one product by clicking 'CONTINUE TO SHOP' and the cart will add each additional purchase. Once the dollar value is equal or above your voucher amount, proceed to the checkout. If it is above the voucher value then you will be prompted to pay for the extra using a VISA or MasterCard.)

The voucher can also be redeemed by placing an email, phone or postal order. All you have to do is quote the number when placing your order.

Gift vouchers do not expire and do not accrue maintenance fees.

If you have any questions please EMAIL SUE.


Online Purchase of a Gift Voucher Using PayPal

To purchase a gift certificate using PayPal simply choose one of the buttons below. A PayPal form will open, prompting you to fill out some details, including the amount you wish the voucher issued for.

To purchase this voucher you must be a member of PayPal. You can sign up to PayPal HERE.

Once you have filled out the simple PayPal voucher form, you will be directed to a page that gives you an option to either print the PayPal Voucher or to send it via email. I will also send you a Sue Walters Pyrography Gift Voucher to print and present, if you wish.

To redeem the PayPal Voucher the user simply visits the Pyro Shop and selects the PayPal button as the payment option next to the selected product. (In the currency the voucher was issued.) You then log in to your account, enter your gift voucher redemption code and follow the last steps to redeem your gift voucher. You must have or register for a PayPal account to redeem this gift voucher. The emailed voucher has a link on it to enable you to sign up, or you can sign up HERE.

Unlike the VISA/MasterCard Vouchers, the PayPal Voucher's unused balance may be applied to other purchases at a later time.

Gift vouchers do not expire and do not accrue maintenance fees.

$US PayPal Voucher
$CAN PayPal Voucher
$AUST PayPal Voucher